Texture, Color and Pattern

How textile trends support resimercial design

Goodbye gray box cubicles, hello break-out spaces and lounge-inspired work areas. Resimercial design has completely redefined the SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) of contract design. As a company that specializes in creating seating and tables for these ancillary, non-traditional work spaces we’ve been excited by the change. We’ve also been excited to see what designers are clothing our pieces in.

It was not that long ago that offices around the world – and the floor of our manufacturing facilities – were dominated by black and dark gray leathers or low pile textiles. Today, it’s become a veritable rainbow with upholstery ranging from ultra-suede and ultra-luxe leather to nubby wool knits and iridescent jacquards. Upholstery selection can completely transform a piece from the corporate cookie cutter look to couture. Texture, color and pattern are crucial elements to creating a casual feel at work.


Texture pattern oona

Tactility is king when designing for comfort. Soft, inviting, textured fabric create a sense of welcoming and relaxation that can help off-set the pressure of today’s work environments. A nubby bouclé, knit like Keilhauer’s Oona, provides just the right balance of durability and softness while complementing another major material trend, the increasing use of wood. The naturally occurring patterns found in wood grain and the patterns of a textured fabric are naturally balancing; the two can combine to make a very inviting environment.

The trend towards texture may also be in thanks to its acoustical, sound dampening properties. As the cubicles come down, ambient noises have turned up. Textured fabrics like Oona not only look beautiful, but can help take the edge off distracting chatter and sounds.


Color has made its way on to the stage in a big way. Intensely saturated, nocturnal hues of deep violets, blues and greens can transform standard seating into iconic statement pieces, providing a feeling of indulgence and opulence. This is especially true when the covering selected speaks to luxury as well. Kura, for instance, is a stunning, grand-dame velvet that provides incredible color, texture, luxury, and sense of mystery. Made from Alpaca, its fibers are woven into an ultra-dense and durable pile that is better able to resist marking and distortion compared to traditional mohair velvets. It’s then sheared to the perfect height to make for a marvelous hand.

On the other side of the spectrum is an increase in barely-there colors, such as soft oatmeal, cream and blush, that are ideally suited to creating a serene respite. These gentle neutrals work beautifully in spaces that are intended to temper energies while encouraging relaxation and reflection.


For those with an eye for luxury, a hint of iridescence may be just the thing. A beautiful jacquard chenille, like Keilhuaer’s new Emerson, can provide a sense of richness with restraint. Emerson uses chenille yarn to create texture with an understated horizontal rib; this quiet play of pattern comes to life in bright or natural light and can enhance virtually any seating style or space. The pattern wears extremely well and tailors beautifully to even the most highly contoured pieces.

Emerson, Kura and Oona integrate stylistically and chromatically with each other. Together these new upholstery options make it possible to design an entire project using Keilhauer furniture and textiles, thus providing a simple, beautiful, and comforting solution to the modern resimercial design challenge.

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