New Colors for Old Favorites

New Colors for Old Favorites

Keilhauer Refreshes Color for Bijou, Oona and District Five Textile Lines

Toss Pillows Stacked
Bijou Creme, Allegra Harmony, Flannella Fawn,
Oona Olive Night, Hatch Straw Hat

With a mission to make work for comfortable for all, Keilhauer is particularly fond of the soft contract design that has defined commercial design the past decade. With the desire for soft seating comes a revived interest in beautiful, soft colorways that connect with feelings of comfort, support and nature. With this insight in mind, Keilhauer has updated their color palettes in some of their leading textile lines: Bijou, Oona, and District Five.

Trend analysis, color psychology and customer feedback informed our holistic approach to updating our collections. “Color is an integral part of any design project – not only as an aesthetic choice, but as a tool to evoke mood, connect to a brand and set the tone of a company’s corporate culture,” Meghan Sherwin, VP Marketing and head of Keilhauer Textiles explains. “This refresh is part of our long-term objective to inspire our customers and ease the challenge of specification by ensuring our collection remains current and inspiring.”

The new palette reflects an overall softening with more nuance and depth, interspersed with high-energy brights. Not only does it lean into current interests, but it provides a timeless collection that will extend for years to come.

Of the many trends our analysis unearthed, the significance of green and blue tones stood out. These hues tap into our instinctive interest in nature, evoking a calming sensation that makes employees and guests feel more comfortable than ever before. Versatile green tones bring a serene, forest-inspired landscape indoors, pairing well with natural Keilhauer wood finishes like Walnut and Ash. Diverse blue tones, from spring skies to deep oceans, can be used as both statement colors and neutrals, which provide depth to the Keilhauer color palette.

Toss Pillows
Top Row: Hatch Postcard Blue, Oona Dark Sapphire, District-5 Foliage Green
Middle Row: Hatch Robin Egg, District-5 Safari, Bijou Azur, Hatch Teal Green
Bottom Row: District-5 Dark Blue, District-5 Dewkist, Bijou Bleu