Michael Keilhauer, President

We started out over 40 years ago with one focus, to manufacture quality seating on time. The pursuit of this singular thought has been the driver behind everything that we do.

As the world has changed so have we. We have adapted our organization and our products to ensure that we provide comfortable solutions that satisfy the needs of our customers and we make sure that our customers can rely on us to have that product where it needs to be when they need it. And then, once delivered, to stand behind it.

We make sure that our people know that they are important to us. We treat them with respect and operate our business with integrity. We know that when we do this our team in turn will treat you, our customer, with the same values.

We believe that commitment to design is the power that drives creative solutions. Our designers are among the best in the world and you can see their influence in our products, our showrooms, our literature and our facilities.

We understand that the world has limited resources and that we are merely caretakers for future generations. We strive to become a sustainable company. Our goal is to carry as light a footprint as we can. The principles of reduce, reuse, recycle and renew have been included in our thoughts since the outset of our business and continue to be integral in all of our planning.

I am proud of this company and its people and products. I truly believe that all of us here at Keilhauer really care about satisfying the needs of our customers. I can assure you that if you work with us we will make sure the experience lives up to your expectations. We look forward to that opportunity.

Mike Keilhauer, CEO

Ron Keilhauer, Rick Keilhauer, Mike Keilhauer, Ed Keilhauer

The founders with their father – L to R:

Ron Keilhauer (founder, retired after 21 years, now active in a consulting role), Rick Keilhauer (founder, retired after 37 years), Mike Keilhauer (founder, CEO), Ed Keilhauer (1933-2007, father, designer, inspiration).

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Michael Keilhauer, President

Michael Keilhauer


Meghan Sherwin, CMO

Meghan Sherwin


Steve Keilhauer, Vice President Product Development

Steve Keilhauer