Built to take on the elements, all Division Twelve products can be designed to go outside. Through outdoor-friendly materials like steel, 100% recyclable HDPE, laminates and standard glides, it’s easier than ever to design the café patio or backyard setup of your dreams.


Not only do we have a carefully-curated palette with both classic and contemporary colors that work together to create stunning combinations, we also offer the Pantone Color of the Year, every year. For more details on which finishes apply to individual models, please visit the official Division Twelve website. VIEW ALL AT DIVISION 12

Carbon Neutrality

All Division Twelve products are officially certified as carbon neutral. To achieve this carbon-neutral status, Division Twelve reduces carbon emissions at every stage of its processes – from the original designs to the materials used in production, distribution, and end-of-life. Of course, throughout the life cycle of each product, there is inevitable carbon that cannot be eliminated. Division Twelve completely offsets this remaining carbon with investments in third-party verified carbon offset projects through Bluesource, such as the Francis Biedler Forest Improvement Project.

Division 12 Carbon Neutral