Designer Dictionary

20 x 20 Toss Pillow



n, 1. designer’s color – just ahead of onyx, slate, ebony, coal, and matte black. 2. what the really good – bad guys wear. 3. the color of the compuer screen at the end of the day.



n, 1. computer aided design. 2. person of objectionable behavior. 3. objectionable computer aided behavior. See also: CAD/CAN CAD/CANT

Bitmap-4 (1)


n, 1. the foundation from which all life flows. 2. the most benevolent, wonderful, intelligent, and confused. 3. person with the quarters for the coin-box of the “ magic fingers” vibrating bed of design.

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vt, 1. two or more designers working together on a specific project. 2. to work with a client who has multiple personalities. 3. a group of employees gathered together on Friday nights with beers.

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n, 1. any of the 103 things on the periodic table. 2. any of two or three things on the coffee table i.e. Martha Sturdy tray, Georg Jensen bloom bowl, Ansel Adams ‘400 Photographs’.

Toss pillow bitmap pattern


n, often called windows. adj, what happens to your eyes during slide presentations just after lunch. vt, what the Zamboni does to the ice between periods.



n, 1. area surrounded by four walls, room. 2. a designer’s battleground. 3. the final frontier.



n, 1. words (to most people). 2. shapes, colors, and textures (to designers).

22 x 12 Bolster



n, 1. heroic individual concerned with building significant cultural contributions. 2. a round-bespectacled individual who played with blocks once too often as a child, ( and as an adult, will often tote around a roll of yellow-trace as a security blanket.)



n, 1. an artist who draws conclusions. 2. a problem solver or a problem creator, depending on who you talk to.


The Net/The Web

n, multiple fictional and non-fictional worlds that exist simultaneously in one platform.



vt, 1. something you say you are doing when you are caught texting in a meeting. 2. drinking a beer and playing a video game while you are on a conference call with a client. 3. to some, combining two actions at the same time


Toss Pillow Models

Toss Pillows 56500

22 x 12 bolster
W: 22″
D: 12″

Toss Pillows 56501

20 x 20 toss pillow
W: 20″
D: 20″

Toss Pillows 56502

12 x 12 Button Cushion
W: 12″
D: 12″

Toss Pillows 56503

18 x 18 toss pillow
W: 18″
D: 18″

Toss Pillows 56504

25 x 19 toss pillow
W: 25″
D: 19″

Toss Pillows Designer Dictionary 56500

22 x 12 bolster
W: 22″
D: 12″

Toss Pillows Designer Dictionary 56501

20 x 20 toss pillow
W: 22″
D: 12″


Keilhauer Toss pillows are available in COM, COL, and any Keilhauer upholstery options. For the full list of Keilhauer offerings, please visit our upholstery page.

Toss Pillows are down feather filled (50/50 duck down and duck feathers).

Designer Dictionary

Toss Pillows

Designer Dictionary Toss Pillows are available in the following finishes. For complete details on which finishes are applicable to individual models, please consult the Toss Pillows Pricelist Winter 2022 pdf.



Off White


Colour Group: White
Size: 20 x 20, 22 x 12
Content: 50% Linen, 50% Rayon
Finish: Loom State
Repeat: None