Cultivating Creativity

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In today’s busy, ever-evolving climate, designers are constantly being asked to do more with less, and there has never been a more important time to harness creativity on demand.

Developed by Keilhauer, Cultivating Creativity is an accredited CEU podcast, as part of ThinkLab’s podcast series “The Learning Objective,” the first of its kind for the architecture and design community where you can receive IDCEC/AIA CEU credit for listening on the go, presented by ThinkLab and SANDOW Design Group.

This course will inform listeners how to:

1) Identify the constraints happening in the world around us that are impacting creativity
2) Assess how design teams can find creativity and innovation despite outside pressures
3) Examine real life examples of harnessing creativity “on demand” in projects
4) Evaluate ways that groups can have the greatest creative output

Course Length: 30 minutes
Accreditation: 0.5 IDCEC/AIA Credit

Here’s how to complete your entire CEU podcast process in 4 simple steps:

1) Listen to the episode below or anywhere you listen to podcasts
2) Visit this link to take a short, 5 question quiz
* Scoring an 80% or above on the quiz will earn you 0.5 CEU/0.5 LU
3) Upon passing the quiz, receive your certificate of completion via email from CEU sponsor Keilhauer
4) Self-report to IDCEC and AIA

That’s it! An entire CEU done in less than half an hour.


Eight Attributes

Eight Attributes of Contract Furniture CEU Header

Designed in collaboration with BIFMA and ASID, the 8 Attributes of Contract Furniture CEU course explores the key considerations that drive furniture decisions in the commercial built environment.

The course clarifies what defines contract furniture and simplifies it into eight attributes: design, quality, construction techniques along with safety, performance, wellness and sustainability considerations and helps clarify the different variables within each.

Every product choice requires multiple decisions; this CEU helps design professionals by providing a framework when choosing the right pieces for a space and the people who occupy it.

Course length: 60 minutes
Accreditation: 1.0 IDCEC Credit + HSW-Sustainability Designation or 1.0 LU Credit via the AIA.

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