Relief Efforts

Our purpose at Keilhauer is to Make Work Comfortable For All – and right now, the need to feel comfortable, safe and protected at work has never been more important, especially for healthcare workers on the frontline. That’s why we’ve begun creating gowns and face shields for healthcare workers in need.

Hospital Gowns


To help healthcare workers on the frontline, we are making gowns and face shields. Every day is a challenge for doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals. We hope to provide them with a sense of comfort and safety.

It’s our small way of taking care of the people who go above and beyond to take care of us all.

We’ve always known our sewers are world class. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and medical facilities around the world asked for help managing the increased need for Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), we knew our dedicated, talented team could help.

On May 4, 2020 Keilhauer began making Class 1 Hospital Gowns and distributing them to numerous medical facilities in our community. These gowns, worn by doctors, nurses, porters, technicians and patients, play an important role in reducing the spread of viruses and bacteria as staff and patients move between rooms and around the hospital. These gowns are in high-demand at medical facilities across North America; Keilhauer is honored to participate in the emergency supply efforts and to provide comfort and support to essential workers in these challenging times.

Frontline Face Shields


Healthcare workers dedicate their lives to helping others, and today many of them are facing the biggest challenge of their career. To help them in return, we’ve started making hospital gowns and face shields. It’s our way of giving back to these brave and vital individuals on the frontline.

Our engineering team have always been excited to take on new challenges and solve problems – which is why they moved quickly to help meet the increased demand for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

The need for face shields in medical facilities has grown exponentially since the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the world. While the popular N-95 face masks are excellent at preventing the spread of virus to others, and protect the wearer from inhaling the virus, users remain at risk of contracting the disease through their eyes.

Face shields have come to serve a critical role in protecting healthcare staff. Not only do they cover the entire face, they help prevent the wearer from touching their face, and are useful in situations where patients may rely on lip-reading for communication. As an added benefit, they’re an environmentally preferable PPE – where traditional masks are designed to be one-use-only, face shields can be sterilized with alcohol and used indefinitely.

Using our 3-D printers, Keilhauer is manufacturing face shields and distributing them to various medical facilities across North America. Essential healthcare workers are putting their lives at risk each day for the wellbeing of us all. Keilhauer is proud to do its part in providing comfort and safety to those on the frontline.

Community Gratitude


The Coronavirus has affected many communities, with New York being one-of the hardest hit in North America. Essential workers and healthcare staff are working tirelessly as thousands of residents are unable to work. As home to one of our showrooms, we have seen how the Coronavirus pandemic has impacted this vibrant, diverse and talented city.

Keilhauer has partnered with Indiewalls, a NYC-based art consultancy that supports the careers of 3,500+ independent artists, on their #GiveASign project. We commissioned a 25’W x 8’H mural reading “We Thank You” outside New York Presbyterian Hospital in Lower Manhattan, New York. The mural will be affixed to the hospital’s wall at the employee entrance as a long-term fixture. The custom artwork and message of gratitude are also being printed on 300+ cards. These cards will be delivered to hospital staff so that they can bring something beautiful and positive home with them.

It is our hope that this initiative will help these heroes to feel appreciated, add some beauty to the daily lives of local residents, and also financially support the incredible talent of the New York Arts and Design community. The mural will be unveiled in mid-June.



In this challenging time, we know you have questions. Here are some resources that may help.


Operations Updates

Due to the nature of this pandemic, we understand that many design projects have been delayed and/or accelerated. Where possible, Keilhauer will try and accommodate these changes but ask for customer’s patience as we work through this ever-changing landscape.

We will continue to support our employees, customers and partners during these challenging times. Thank you for your support and understanding. We wish you good health.